Top Fantasy Players Past 3 Seasons: Fantasy Playoffs

Top Fantasy Players Past 3 Seasons: Fantasy Playoffs

As we head into the fantasy football playoffs, it's time to reflect on the best fantasy performers over the past 3 seasons. Some names will surprise you, and some are unavailable this season, so we will also offer our advice for players to target this season. Of course, if you do not already own them you may be out of luck, but for those DFS players out there, read carefully. 
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Over the past three years we have seen so many changes around the league. Mostly changes impacting defensive play, leading to skyrocketing offensive fantasy numbers. The young stars of today are taking full advantage, exploiting the rules to put up record numbers.

The changes are not only making the game more exciting, but also allowing us fantasy managers to run up the score on our weekly opponent. To continue this trend, we must change the strategy from regular season to fantasy playoffs.

First, I will go over how to get to these stats and then move on to the numbers and the players behind them.

While navigating through StatRoute’s plethora of fantasy football tools, bring the cursor over to seasons, click on past three seasons (we will mainly cover the past 3 seasons) and then fantasy playoffs, see below:


Best Fantasy Football Performances

For quarterbacks, no one has done it better than Russell Wilson. Nine games under his belt during the fantasy playoffs in this time and he is averaging 26.19 points per game. The drawback is he is the only QB in the top five with double digit interceptions.

Wilson is still a much better pick than the guy sitting at number two, Blake Bortles. Yes, that Blake who was recently benched in favor of the former Browns QB, Cody Kessler. Your best bet is going to be Andrew Luck who didn’t make the top five. Luck has been averaging over 20 fantasy points-per-game since week four and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Start him if you got him.


In the running back department, you could probably predict the absent Le’Veon Bell leads the pack at 26.33 fantasy points-per-game. In fact, he leads everyone when it comes to fantasy playoff numbers over the past three seasons. His incredible play, however, is overshadowed by his inability to make himself present for this season, and therefore we will move onto the available players. 

Kareem Hunt comes in at a close second, averaging only three points less than Bell. Hunt is followed by David Johnson, who has had a nightmare season, and then Gurley and Zeke. Look for Gurley, Elliot, Barkley, and McCaffrey to move up this list next year.

At wide receiver, you must ignore the guy on top. Ty Montgomery is more of a hybrid running back than a wide out. It will be interesting to see if he can continue the streak after the recent trade to Baltimore.

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Baltimore head coach, John Harbaugh, said of the new addition, “I watched him practice last week; he’s a good player. He’s a versatile player – he fits us. I’m looking forward to getting him on the field.”

More than likely, Montgomery will remain a returner and possible back up running back to Alex Collins and Gus Edwards.

OBJ locked himself in the second spot with 15 fantasy points-per-game, a feat he may continue as the Giants are putting up over 20 points each of the last three weeks and face the Titans in week 14. The Titans are giving up 25.55 Fantasy points-per-game to opposing WR’s, making OBJ a valuable target that week.

Washington Redskin’s tight end, Jordan Reed, surprisingly leads the pack ahead of Gronk, Shaheen, Ertz, and Howard. I don’t see this trend continuing with O.J. Howard out for the year, and Shaheen’s numbers are an outlier as he only has 1 game played in the fantasy playoffs during this span. Look to the current YAC champ George Kittle for production, or Colts’ offseason acquisition Eric Ebron. Ebron is blowing all other TE’s out of the water in red zone production with 11 touchdowns.

Finally, we have arrived at the most important fatasy position, the kicker. Kansas City’s Harrison Butker has dominated fantasy playoffs over the past three seasons. Averaging 16.33 points per game, the Georgia Tech grad leads Boswell, Gould, Bryant, and Elliot. In a league largely dependant on geriatric kickers, 23 year-old Butker is showing the old men how its done.


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For you DFS players out there, really concentrate on the opponent each week as well as how they have performed in the second half of the season. Or pick up anyone from the Chiefs, Colts, and Rams. Most DFS guys are terrified of the Saints following the horrible performance against the Cowboys Thursday night.

However, Brees did lead the pack last season, averaging 18.45 fantasy points-per-game. So don’t count him or Kamara out as their price might drop for the next few weeks allowing for extra cap space.

Now, head over to and use the marvelous tools StatRoute provides to finish the season strong.


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