Advice For The Fantasy Football Playoffs

Fantasy Football Playoffs Advice

It's time for some more prep to get you ready for the fantasy football playoffs. We're offering some advice as we enter the first week of the playoffs, with some key matchups and players to watch. This includes general advice for any fantasy rookies out there, as well step by step instructions on how to utilize StatRoute's tools to help you make better decisions. 
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The fantasy football playoffs have arrived and guess what? It doesn’t matter if you are a contender or in the hunt for the consolation prize, there is work to be done. Bragging rights can still be won even if it is king of the losers.

To ensure victory over the next few weeks, you really need to dive deep into the stats to make your decisions. To help, we will cover notable matchups, potential week 17 bench warmers, waiver wire pickups, and how to maximize the tools StatRoute provides.

Before we go any further, take a moment to evaluate your squad. For you Cowboy fans, do you really think Dak Prescott scoring 19 fantasy points-per-game is going to get you to the championship game? No, although, he is a much safer choice than Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez or the erratic Jameis Winston.

Getting back to the point, ensure each player is performing and pay attention to their week to week numbers. For instance, the Washington Redskins had a top five fantasy defense, that is until the injury to Alex Smith. Now they have dropped to 10th with little promise of a better future.


Pay attention to injuries

Speaking of Alex Smith, Adrian Peterson has become somewhat of a fantasy gamble since Smith’s horrific leg injury. Without the 90-yard touchdown run, Adrian would have had his worst game of the season in week 13.

Another severe injury occurred this week during the Broncos’ practice. Emmanuel Sanders tore his Achilles and will be placed on I/R this week. Sanders gave words of encouragement on his twitter page stating, “If you know me then you know nothing can keep me down.  I’ve overcome too much in life to let this stop me.  I’ll be back next year w/ a bigger chip on my shoulder... I PROMISE! Thanks to everyone for the healing vibes and words of encouragement.”


Who could sit out week 17

At this point, it might be possible that no one sits during the final week. The Saints’ disturbing loss against the Cowboys put home field advantage back up for grabs in the NFC. Still, the most likely candidates remain any top Rams, Chiefs or Saints players. If you own them, be prepared to snag their backups as soon as they clinch home field.


Waiver Wire pickups

For you guys in the must-win category, this is where you really need to pay attention. Making bold predictions on free agents could raise you to legendary status or get you relegated. I would suggest picking up James Conner’s replacement Jaylen Samuels, however, everyone else already did with 100% ownership across the board. Perhaps 49ers RB Jeff Wilson Jr. is available, as he could provide solid RB2 numbers in week 14.

As a FLEX option, consider Courtland Sutton. With the injury to Emmanuel Sanders, Sutton will see an increase in targets on a team with a three-game winning streak. Sutton already achieved a career-high 12.25 fantasy points in week 13 against Cincinnati prior to the unfortunate injury to Sanders.


How StatRoute can help?

StatRoute is here to help in many ways. If I miss some fantasy playoff advice you are hoping for, look to StatRoute’s twitter @StatRouteSR and ask us any fantasy questions you have.

If you are like me and too stubborn to ask for help, go on the website and use the features shown below.

First, look at who’s played the best during the fantasy playoffs. Click on Seasons, Past 3 Seasons, and then Fantasy Playoffs. Sort the data by fantasy points-per-game and you will see Le’Veon Bell leads all. Since he’s out for the season, look at the number two guy, Russell Wilson.

Wilson is 11th in overall fantasy point’s-per-game, but he’s had some amazing weeks, including a season-high 32.80 points in week 13. Wilson, however, might be someone to sit in week 14 at home against the stingy Vikings defense.

In a state known for its rain, you would think Wilson would have better stats, but StatRoute’s Weather Report proves he has some work to do in rainy games.

Russel Wilson stats on StatRoute





Maybe hold off until week 15 to bust out the reliable Wisconsin grad.

As top WR’s go, if you’re worried about Davante Adams’ ability to continue his incredible season with the turmoil in Green Bay, I wouldn’t. Take a look at StatRoute’s Depth Chart feature of the Packers’ offense against the Falcons over the past 5 seasons.

Packers stats on StatRoute

The Depth Chart shows the Falcons’ defense fails to show when they play the Packers, giving up 305.3 passing yards and 115.3 rushing yards per game. It’s fair to say starting Adams is a safe pick.

Now, check your squad and use StatRoute to ensure you have a championship caliber roster, which will change week to week.


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